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by John S. Barnett

Receive The Gift

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Have you ever received a gift that amazed you because it showed just how well the person (or persons) giving it understood you, how much they cared? Perhaps it was from a parent, a spouse or cherished friend — someone well-rooted in your “love and support” circles. Or, perhaps it was from someone who surprised you — someone who didn’t have to make the effort. As they presented the gift, their sincere manner, maybe even more than the outward appearance of the package, helped you realize how much thoughtful planning and work had taken place on your behalf. Perhaps it was at Christmastime; perhaps not. Maybe they said it was simply a case of: “I saw this and knew you had to have it.”

The exchange of a gift — this very traditional means of expressing affection — presents us with a picture of receiving the spiritual gift of Christ Jesus.